Our Introduction to Navigation employee team building day isn’t just about map reading. It helps teach the importance of teamwork, good communication and excellent planning.

Introduction to Navigation

Navigation is an essential building block to equip anyone for outdoor adventures. A day of good visibility might persuade others to tackle a mountain walk without a map and compass, maybe follow the crowd. But what happens when the mountain is quiet, the clouds roll in and visibility is lost, resulting in the outcome for the day to shift very quickly.

What We offer

Our team building day takes place within the Lake District national park, where participants will have the opportunity to learn navigation, orienteering, reading the lay of the land all whilst developing their problem solving skills.


The day begins with a brief introduction and safety briefing, followed by a demonstration of basic navigation techniques using maps and compasses. Participants will be provided with a set route to navigate through an orienteering course which we have set up in the mountains. Along the course, they will be required to solve puzzles and complete challenges; encouraging teamwork and communication. The day ends with a debriefing session and lunch.

Guided Outdoors corporate employee team building day


The goals of the day are to improve teamwork, communication and practical problem solving skills.

All this while also enjoying the stunning scenery the Lake District has to offer, helping your team feel fresher, healthier, and more energetic on returning to the office.

Adventure Awaits

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